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    St. Francis Respirafect 50ml

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    • Fights lung and bronchial infections, including those arising from colds, reducing inflammation
    • Effective for wet coughs and excess mucus
    • Contains the most powerful echinacea available: Echinacea 2+ PLUS 6 highly targeted herbs

    Who It’s For: Adults 18 years of age and older

    Use For:

    • Lung and bronchial conditions, including bronchitis, especially when accompanied by wet cough and excess mucus that is difficult to expel
    • For hard, dry, irritating coughs, RespiraCleanse® is an effective companion to Respirafect®

    How It Works: The formula consists of echinacea plus additional lung-targeted infection-fighting herbs, as well as soothing herbs. Usnea, with its strong antibacterial qualities and pulmonary indications, is the foundation of this formula. It is aided significantly by the remarkable healing properties of Echinacea 2+, our powerful synergistic combination of two species for maximum bioavailability and anti-infective power.