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    St. Francis Stop it Cold Throat Spray 30ml

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    Provides fast relief of sore throats associated with colds and infections–good for on-the-go

    • Diminishes the intensity and duration of colds, flu, and throat infections
    • Ideal for dry, sore throats associated with colds, flu, or infections like tonsillitis
    • Includes sage, a perennial plant in the mint family with antibacterial properties
    • Also with propolis, which has demonstrably analgesic qualities


    Who It’s For: Adults

    Use For: Sore throat or any kind of mouth or throat infection.

    How it Works: Echinacea is the infection fighter par excellence. Its benefits escalate by combining it with the other herbs in this formula. Sage, licorice and propolis are all anti-infective, while propolis is analgesic. Marshmallow and licorice provide a critical demulcent edge to this combination. Soothing and anti-infective in their own right, fennel and licorice both confer the benefit of good taste.