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    St. Francis EchinaSeal 100ml

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    • Your #1 choice at the first sign of general, non-specific cold & flu symptoms
    • Shortens the duration and severity of viral infection, cold & flu, and relieves sore throat
    • Contains the most powerful Echinacea 2+: a unique combination of purpurea + angustifolia species PLUS goldenseal and propolis


    Who It’s for: Adults 18 years of age and older

    Use For:

    • Cold and flu, nasal congestion, and upper respiratory infection
    • Mouth and throat infections


    How It Works:
    Echinacea 2+, our powerful synergistic combination of two species of echinacea for maximum bioavailability and anti-infective power, is the infection fighter par excellence. It is taken to the next level by combining it with goldenseal, myrrh, and propolis, which are all anti-infective. Propolis has the added benefit of easing the pain of sore throats. Also, wild indigo, an infection fighter in its own right, along with cayenne, makes everything work better.