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    Rise Therapeutics Manuka Honey 21 Complex Soothing Skin Cream 63.78g

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    Manuka Honey has been clinically found to have higher therapeutic properties than other varieties of honey. We combine New Zealand Manuka Beeswax 12+, high performance aloe (ACTIValoe®) with 19 certified organic botanical ingredients that to work together to provide four levels of skin care: - Nourishing vitamins and minerals (vitamins A, C, E & K) - Moisturizing from essential fatty acids (omega's 3, 6 & 9) - Skin protectant natural antioxidants (amino acids) - Soothing anti-inflammatory (bioflavonoids) Made free of harmful chemicals and endocrine disruptors makes this a versatile phytonutrient cream to supports both skin repair and promotes glowing, youthful healthy skin.

    ACTIValoe® / Aloe Leaf Juice (Fillet Gel)* (anti-inflammatory, bioflavonids Palm Fruit Oil* (essential vitamins, antioxidants, moisturizer) Beeswax* (vitamin A, antimicrobial) Coconut Oil* (essential fatty acid, moisturizer, antimicrobial) Jojoba Seed Oil* (essential fatty acid, moisturizer, antimicrobial) Sodium Hydroxide (mineral-salt, non-GMO) Manuka Honey 12+ (exfoliation, moisturizer, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory) Shea Nut Butter* (fatty acids, anti-inflammatory) Mango Butter* (fatty acids, vitamins, moisturizer) Grapefruit Seed Extract (antimicrobial) Potassium Sorbate (mineral-salt, non-GMO) Sunflower or Safflower Seed Oil* fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants) Olive Fruit Oil (virgin, cold pressed)* (vitamin E, moisturizer) Castor Oil* (essential vitamins, antimicrobial) Pumpkin Seed Oil (virgin, cold pressed)* (fatty acids, antioxidants) Avocado Fruit Oil* virgin, cold pressed) (fatty acids, vitamin E) Orange Peel Oil* (antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory) Balsam Peru Oil* (antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory) Thyme Oil* (antimicrobial, exfoliation) Rosemary Leaf Extract* (antimicrobial) Peppermint Oil* (moisturizer, antimicrobial) Glycerin (vegetable-derived, non-GMO) Ascorbic Acid (vegetable-derived, non-GMO)