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    New Roots Purge Parasitis Program Kit Now with Fiber Ultra

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    The Purge Parasitis Program is a thorough, evidence-based approach for the eradication and elimination of multiple parasitic species as well as ringworm fungal infection.


    Our program exposes the vulnerability of parasites to botanical agents, throughout the duration of their life cycles and propagation through eggs.

    The botanical backbone of our program is Purge Parasitis, formulated with 11 botanicals for a broad-spectrum approach to parasitic infection. Our program includes the additional targeted action of Black Walnut Green Hull, Wormwood, and Cloves.

    Fibre Ultra Rich Psyllium + Inulin serves as a bulk-forming laxative to accelerate bowel function critical for timely expulsion of both dead and living parasites, their eggs, and their toxins. Hibiscus, cloves, and licorice contained in this formula ease digestion, while inulin serves to reestablish a healthy intestinal microbiota.

    The rigorous nature of this program also impacts the intestinal microbiome. We strongly recommend a 30‑day supply of Probiotic Urgency from the refrigerated section of your favourite natural health store. Formulated with 50 billion live active cells of well-researched probiotic strains, with their GPS™ enteric coating, Probiotic Urgency capsules protect their contents from the harsh stomach acid. This ensures 100% intestinal delivery to help replenish a healthy intestinal flora, to give you a fresh start.