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    Living Clay Liquid Bentonite Clay 32oz (946ml)

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    Clay therapy is the ideal detoxification treatment. It is both safe and effective. The Living Clay Co. is a craft manufacturer producing pure calcium bentonite clay products of the highest quality.

    Living Clay also contains trace minerals in their natural oxide form. What may surprise some, however, is that this outstanding product is formed from weathered volcanic ash. 

    The most common uses of Living Clay are detoxification, cleansing, balancing, alkalizing, stimulating, and energizing. With a natural alkaline of 9.7 pH, all natural calcium bentonite clay can help balance your skin's acidity level. It may also increase blood flow, and aid in cellular repair.

    INTERNAL USE OF CALCIUM BENTONITE CLAY:  Using clean, natural, pure, contaminant-free Calcium Bentonite Clay internally can be advantageous for general health. Suggested internal daily dosage is 2–4 Tablespoons of the premixed liquid. Traditionally, eating 1 teaspoon of hydrated clay will achieve the same benefits.

    FOR TOPICAL USE: Mix one part clay powder to three parts water. Let stand until smooth.

    FOR BATHS: Mix one to two cups of clay powder into bath water.

    If stored properly, this product will keep indefinitely.