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    Herbasanté Parazap Homeopathic Tincture 100ml

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    Parazap is designed as a month-long treatment to not only eliminate parasites and the toxins they secrete from the system, but also to act in a preventive capacity.

    Areca catechu 18x, Cina 14x, 18x, Cuprum oxydatum nigrum 10x, Cuprum aceticum 14x, Filix mas 8x, Granatum 10x, Indigo 10x, Natrum phosphoricum 14x, Psorinum 12CK, Sabadilla 18x, Santoninum 10x, Silicea 14x, Spigelia anthelmia 18x, Tanacetum vulgare 14x, Teucrium marum 10x, Viola odorata 10x, 20% vol. Alcohol, Water USP.