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    Herbaflor Pure Refined Emu Oil 25ml

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    • Emu Oil Is Widely Recognized For Its Anti Inflammatory Benefits
    • Multiple Refining Procedures Ensure Superio Absorption And Penetration Into Skin.
    • Emu Oil Stimulates The Skin To Reduce Wrinkles And Rejuvenates Aging Or Sun Damaged Skin
    • Enhanced Healing When Applied To Small Wounds, Cuts, Bruises Or Burns
    • A Natural UV Sunblock When Applied To The Skin Before Heading Outdoors
    • An Effective Bug Repellent When Applied To The Skin Before Going Outdoors

    Emu Oil is particularly effective due to its ability to penetrate deep beneath the skin layers where it can help treat inflammation of the skin from the inside. It also does not contain any phospholipids. This is important because the skin blocks the penetration of oils containing phospholipids, Without this barrier, a deep and fast penetration allows Emu Oil to work on the skin, muscles and joints in ways that other oils cannot.