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    Genuine Health Greens+ Daily Detox Natural Lemon 408g

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    Greens+ daily detox makes feeling your best effortless, so you can finally say goodbye to juice cleanses and diet changes! This synergistic blend contains 26 detoxifying, liver-loving and alkalizing ingredients in just 1 scoop, that provide both phase 1 and 2 liver cleansing (filters & releases toxins), including Siberian ginseng and dandelion root.

    To help you eliminate the toxic effects of stress, our synergistic formula features adaptogenic (stress-supporting) herbs to enhance your energy, immunity and mental outlook, as well as digestive and gut-loving probiotic cultures. 

    We guarantee you'll feel the difference with every scoop of this research-proven superfood blend and it's gentle enough to take safely every day for a natural liver, kidney, skin and gastrointestinal tract cleanse. It's truly the most sustainable, cost-effective and delicious way to detox daily.