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    Eden Nori 10 Sheets 25g

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    Best selling sea vegetable in the U.S.A., by far. Cultivated in the environmentally protected Ise (ee-say) Bay, Japan. The highest grade, hand harvested, and dried. Mildly sweet flavor. For sushi, nori rolls, rice balls, and as garnish. A quick toasting turns it emerald green. Very low sodium, fat free, and an excellent source of vitamin B12 with 35% daily value (DV) per 1 sheet serving.

    EDEN Nori Sea Vegetable is cultivated on nets supported by bamboo poles. This intricate substratum is placed in shallow pristine bays in late September or early October. Over the autumn, winter, and early spring months, with the coming in and out of the tide, the nori spores attach to the netting and slowly develop into nori fronds or leaves. In spring the fully developed fronds are hand harvested at low tide and taken ashore. The nori is washed, chopped and placed in mixers. It is then pressed between woven reed mats and dried into flat, paper-thin sheets. Our nori is a lustrous purple black color with a fine aroma missing in lesser grades.

    EDEN Nori Porphyra yezoensis is cultivated off the west shore of Ise (ee-say) Bay, Japan, an area surrounded by National forests and mountains, known as the 'Ocean by Mountains'. Pristine mountain rivers nourish the bay creating a mineral rich environment. This area leads all of Japan in ecology movements. Development is forbidden to ensure future generations the legacy of this famous edible seaweed resource.

    Nori is a red algae or deep purple laver of which there are over thirty species. Nori has been harvested since ancient times providing people with a healthy food source - minerals, vitamins, trace minerals, iodine, and protein. It is the sweetest sea vegetable and most easily appreciated by the Western palate.

    This EDEN Nori is not toasted. Follow package directions for toasting. It takes only seconds, turning it a bright green. Essential for making sushi, nori rolls and rice balls. After toasting, nori makes a wonderful garnish when sliced or crumbled over grain, vegetables, soups, noodles, and salads.