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    Divine Essence Zen Meditation Essential Oil Blend 15ml

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    Improve your Well-Being with this Essential Oil Synergy Blend!

    Specially formulated to obtain optimal results for diffusion and bath.


    Enjoy the Zen Meditation essential oil complex tailor-made for meditation, with Sweet Orange, Black Spruce, Cedar and Somali Frankincense. Zen’s mild, sweet and mildly woody fragrance is ideal for calming the mind and promoting relaxation. Known for its spiritual characteristics, this incense has long been used in sacred rituals and practices. With its combination of fresh and invigorating conifer and orange essences, Zen sets the stage for deep meditation and inner peace. Namaste.

    The Zen Meditation essential oils blend is used in aromatherapy as a nerve tonic.

    Add a few drops in a diffuser, in a bath by diluting them with any unscented or lightly scented foaming product (shampoo, shower gel, bubble bath…) or with EMULSIUM, our emulsifier which is a dispersant for essential oils in water (perfect for bath, DIY body mists and room sprays). Important: Read posology below.

     Warning: Never add essential oils directly into your bath water, they are not water soluble as the drops will just float on top of water, creating a surface layer of oil which may cause skin irritation. Remember to use essential oils sparingly as they are very powerful.

    • CULTURE Organic, certified by ECOCERT® SA
    • EXTRACTION METHOD Steam distillation
    • MEDICINAL INGREDIENTS Citrus sinensis* 60 %.
    • OTHER INGREDIENTS Picea mariana*, Cedrus atlantica*, Boswellia carterii. *Organic. Contains 95 % Organic ingredients.