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    Chocosol Forest Garden Coffee Three Roast Blend Whole Bean 340g

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    Forest Garden Coffee 

    • Inspired by the regenerative, biodiverse farms of Oaxaca
    • Directly sourced from Indigenous farmers on communal lands
    • 100% Arabica, shade-grown with ecological methods at high altitude
    • Closest coffee-growing region to Ontario - low food miles
    • Roasted weekly in an energy-efficient, low-emission roaster
    • Complements Chocosol’s well-loved Medium-Dark Oaxaca Profundo

     Forest Garden Three Roast Blend -

    This profile is the result of in-house research. While exploring the range of flavours revealed by the roasts from light to dark, the Chocosol team discovered that finely blending the different roasts made all of one’s taste buds pop at once. The fresher notes of the light roasts brighten and balance the deeper bitter chocolate and toffee character of the dark roasts. Together, they make the perfect cup to start your day.